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I hope each one of us has gone through the various fund raising projects in our life time. When were @ school & university, we know how much we struggled to raise funds in order to see the success of that particular event.

We have passed so many stages of the ways raising funds. Earlier we had card systems, after that it has moved to advertisements and banners. Presently it’s in a face of finding sponsors. Everything has changed so rapidly. Now it has changed to online fund raising methods.

So, What is this

The latest tool for fund raising projects.That would be the simples answer for it J. If you have any events (charity works, sports meet, conferences & many more) that need money and you have to carry out fund raising projects, just register there ( It is very much easier way to find money to you event.

By registering there you can get publicity for your event and people will tend to give donations, sponsorships, etc. I hope you guys will like this new kind of fund raising method.

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I believe this is an interesting topic for all of us. Anyway there are different types of relationships. But mainly we can divide relationships into two main categories. One is ethical relationships & other one is unethical relationships. Relationships between our own blood relations, with friends, between two special individuals (also known as affairs) can specify as ethically approved relationships. And I’m not going to give any examples on unethical relationships. J

In here I’m writing about relationship between a guy and a girl. Also know as a love affair or emotional affair. I feel it’s better to converse this in a question form.

What is the meaning of love / emotional affair?

We can simply say it’s a relationship between two lovers. This can be between a guy and a girl, or between two guys or between two girls.

What do we expect from affair?

This is the most difficult question that I won’t be able to give any clear answer. Because still I couldn’t realized why we really need an affair.

We need some one who is special, can trust; can understand us to our share happiness and sadness. What I believe is affair is a basically taking care of each one and understanding their felling.

We all need special attention and priority from our partner. Because, at the end of the day we only have them apart from our parents and our best friends.

I know this is not enough to explain the expectation from affairs.

What is good affair means?

Relationships are purely dependent on the understanding and trusting each other. We have to select the right partner otherwise our so called love affair will be a totally mess. You have to suffer rather than enjoying it. So make sure to select the person who you understand. Getting married is the final goal of all love affairs. So we can’t live with someone who we don’t love.

General comments

Being in a relationship is good. We can share our feelings, emotions & ups & downs and we can talk what ever we want with them. There are so many benefits being in a relationship. But sometimes we feel like our freedom is limited.

Being in a relationship is great experience in our lives that we could never forget.

“Don’t marry a person you can live with. Marry a person you cannot live without…”

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IT Knowledge sharing sessions

What is the meaning of this term? I think it’s better to take the definition from Wikipedia rather than I’m explaining this. So following is the definition which has given in Wikipedia.

Knowledge sharing is an activity through which knowledge (i.e. information, skills, or expertise) is exchanged among people, friends, or members of a family, a community or an organization. The sharing of knowledge constitutes a major challenge in the field of knowledge management because some employees tend to resist sharing their knowledge with the rest of the organization.

Organizations have recognized that knowledge constitutes a valuable intangible asset for creating and sustaining competitive advantages. Knowledge sharing activities are generally supported by knowledge management systems. However, technology constitutes only one of the many factors that affect the sharing of knowledge in organizations, such as organizational culture, trust, and incentives.


I think you have got a clear idea about the term. In here I’m going to write something about IT (information technology) knowledge sharing sessions. I have realised, when we are working in an organisation our understanding of what’s happening outside organisation get more limited. IT is the most dynamic sector in the whole universe since it is gets updated each and every second. So I think it is very much important to have sessions to share our knowledge among the colleagues.

For an organisation these sessions would be a greatest way to keep their employees up to date about the technology. And when it comes to employees, the knowledge that they are gathered from these sessions will add value to their career lives. If they want to find new job opportunities they can easily make themselves prepare for it.

IT Knowledge sharing sessions do not has to be a formal meetings. We can get more booming results by having those sessions in an interactive way. What is happening in above mentioned sessions is discussing the newest technologies or latest innovation in the world and how those can use to make our day to day life (not in office but also in our personal life styles) easier. Apart from the meeting type sessions there are lot more ways to share our knowledge among the people. Following is the most common methods of sharing knowledge.

Intranet facility – we can use this to upload or make notices about new trends.

Memos – We can easily distribute a short notice to people via emails

Bulletins – Most common way to make people aware about any upcoming technologies.

Blogs / Forums – we can post and discuss about new trends.

So I think now you have realised why we should have knowledge sharing sessions and how we can conduct those.

This article is open for discuss.

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