I had a great experience on the customer service few days back. J. It was HP online customer support. It’s simply amazing and the best customer service I have ever had.

My laptop had major issue with the BIOS. It was keep restarting all the time. It was a major headache for me. I was wondering (actually clueless) what I should do with this problem.

I just went to the HP official site and there was option called online support (it was a real time chat environment where we cam meet one of the help desk engineer in HP).


I was fed up with surfing net about this issue and that (online help) was the last hope for me. So I logged in to the real time chat environment and enter my details there. There was a person from HP (Mr. Pontiff) and he asked what the issue is. This happened less than one minute after I enter my details. J.

Actually he was able to understand the issue clearly and gave me full detailed solution. It worked really well. He was really clear on explaining the solution. And also he was kind enough to give me the supported download links.

I never expected them to be that polite and quick. So I’m really happy for buying their products. What I can say is do not EVER think twice to buy HP / Compaq products. You will get a fabulous customer service.

Thank You HP and their Support team.

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