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Think Different!!!

apple_logoYeah you’re correct. You have sensed it correctly. This time I’m going to blog about apple and its products :) . From time to time, a company comes out with a brilliant product: clean, sleek, easy to use, and downright sexy. However, something even more rare and interesting than this is the halo brand – a brand that can do no wrong and spits out brilliant products. One worth mentioning is Apple.
Steve Jobs created something unique at Apple 30 years ago – a technology company as dedicated to aesthetics as engineering, as smitten with art as science. What Jobs understood more than most of his peers is the importance of what Donald Norman, a professor of cognitive science at UCSD, has called “emotional design,” an understanding that our relationship with a product matters – and that a product’s sensual appeal has an effect on our feelings about it. Take user-friendly to the next level. That one of Jobs’ life mission statements is enhancing our relationship with technology shouldn’t come as a surprise to those of us familiar with another of his early enterprises, Pixar, which made us fall for a playful Luxo desk lamp, Buzz Lightyear, race cars and, lately, a romantic trash-collecting robot named Wall-E.
In the end, the things Jobs makes, the things we never knew we had to have before Apple made them (one of the reasons Apple doesn’t do consumer research), aren’t just things. They are systems that connect us to other technologies and networks (iTunes and the recording industry) and, yes, in this ear bud era, to each other.
Jobs isn’t the first to do this, of course. In the early ’80s we were lionizing the execs and designers at Sony for developing the Sony Walkman, a technology that also fundamentally changed the way we listen to music. Remember those Buick-size boom boxes they replaced? Sony deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for getting rid of those things.
Apple has proved themselves with their strong product success rate and high rate of user satisfaction. As with the case with the iPhone, just the mention of Apple creating a mobile phone created organic buzz, spin-off fan sites, and skyrocketing demand for a product that was just in the idea stage. Ultimately, few were disappointed with the final product. But the rarity lies in the amount of trust consumers’ vest in Apple. Everything they touch turns to cool. If Apple started selling re-bar, you would see trend setters carry around the various Apple colours like a patriot waving his flag.
So Buy an apple product and feel the exhilaration of it to the maximum..

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Visit Sri Lanka

mapslIf someone looking for a tropical paradise to escape to during their holidays, Sri Lanka is surely the place for you. Home to some of the most wonderful locales, beaches and people on earth, Sri Lanka is truly a dream come true for any tourist. No wonder we can always find people digging for information on Sri Lanka to know it better. This wonderful country has lots to offer to tourists who will have the time of their lives during their visit. In fact, the tourist attractions in Sri Lanka are so many, that it becomes an uphill task to mention all of them together.

Sri Lanka has such a diverse range of tourist attractions that visitors are often spoilt for choice. But it is comforting to know that all major tourist attractions in Sri Lanka are no longer than a few hours’ drive away from each other. But nevertheless, some of the most popular tourist attractions in Sri Lanka include the cities of Kandy and Colombo, which are a perfect mix of history, culture and modernity. If you want a peep into Sri Lanka’s ancient history, you can visit some of the historical cities like Anuradhapura, Mihintale, Sigiriya, Dambula and Aluvihara.


For those on the lookout for some respite from the crowds to indulge in some golf exercises, Nuwara Eliya is the place for them. For a beach holiday, Sri Lanka offers some beautiful beaches like Negombo, Beruwela, Bentota, Weligama and Mount Lavinia. Among other tourist attractions in Sri Lanka, there are many wildlife sanctuaries like the Yala National Park, Maduru Oya National Park, Horton Plains National Park and the Bundala National Park.

The events and festivals of Sri Lanka also act as major tourist attractions with their color, rituals and celebrations. The Kandy Esala Perahera is the most important event in Sri Lanka that is a 10-day long affair.


Then there is the Duruthu Perahara, which celebrates a visit by Buddha to Sri Lanka. Besides, the National Day, the Sri Lankan New Year (March/April) and the Kataragama festival are some of the other important tourist attractions of Sri Lanka.


So vist Sri Lanka and feel the difference

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Fixing the Blank Page Problem After Wordpress 2.7 Upgrade

I recently upgraded one of my other websites to wordpress 2.7, but after upgrade when I tried to log into the dashboard (admin panel), I was greeted by a blank white page. Many of my friends asked me this same problem in the last few days and while troubleshooting this white screen of death ;) ,  I noticed that there are only few things that are causing this issue. I’ll put all of those hacktrix here so that you can put your site up again.

Note – A blank page generally means there is some error in the PHP code. But I would not advise to dig into the wordpress core files to troubleshoot this issue. First try the following quick fixes to solve this problem, and I am sure that they will quickly fix it.

Problem – You get blank page instead of your wordpress website when you access it after the upgrade. That is, you try to access and a white page is staring at you. To sort this out, try this,

* Clear your browser cache.
* Clear or Delete all the cache folders, if you are using a caching plugin for your wordpress site.

Problem – If you get a blank page when you log into the dashboard (admin panel) then rename the index.php file present in wordpress plugins directory to index.html.

Problem – If you see a blank page when accessing a particular part of your website like pages, archives etc then this may be because of incompatible theme. Find out if the theme that you are using is compatible with wordpress 2.7 here.  If your theme isn’t listed at this URL, then contact the theme’s author to ask him about the issue. If you can’t even find the author of the theme, then try switching to the default wordpress theme if it works (it should).

Still getting the blank page? Then probably there is some incompatible plugin that’s causing this white screen of death ;)

To troubleshoot this, make sure that all the plugins that you are using are compatible with wordpress 2.7 here.

Disable all those plugins that are not compatible with wordpress 2.7. If this doesn’t solve your problem, then disable all those plugins as well that are not listed at the above URL. If there are two or more such plugins then first deactivate all of them, which will probably again make your site functional again, then activate them one by one while checking after each activation if the site is working properly. By following this approach, you can quickly determine the faulty plugin, then simply contact the plugin author to upgrade it for 2.7 or you can even contact me for that ;)

Don’t forget to read this detailed guide before upgrading to 2.7,
And please backup your wordpress installation, database as well as core files, before upgrading it.

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