No one can succeed without a certain obsessiveness (specially people like us; who are into IT), but if you’re reading this article at your office after hours, my advice is: GO HOME.

workaholicIf you’re sneaking a quick read of this article at the office, after hours, in between phone calls, then I’m concerned about you. You may be swimming in a whirlpool of work and don’t know how to get out or nearing the edge of that abyss and afraid of sliding in. Or, perhaps worse, you may indeed be a workaholic, someone who works at the expense of a fuller family and personal life. Some people even use work as an excuse to avoid going home.(People like me….).. I know its bad… But some people doing it just to keep their lives busy…. Sometimes It may be due to personal stuff of them.

To be sure, we all must put in long hours sometimes. Deadlines are upon us, some co-workers are out, and it’s up to us to pick up the slack. But work­aholism is not the same as just working hard. It is, rather, a compulsion or even an addiction to work.

Whatever your situation or preferences, there can be no doubt that the world is demanding more and more of our time for work. Only a generation ago, the pressing issue seemed to be what we would do with the increasing amount of leisure time as the workweek shortened. It hasn’t worked out that way. Globalization and increased competition have induced us to work longer and harder to get ahead, or just to keep up.

So it was that I eagerly read a recent newspaper article about how some professionals deal with the problem. It reported that they were increasingly able to get home early enough (Still haven’t realised the accurcay of this), for example, to kiss their kids (for me my sis) good night. Then came the kicker: one guy got to work around 6 a.m. so he could leave at 7 p.m. Ouch!

The fact—or at least the perception—is that the hours you work often correlate with the success you attain. Put another way, you must be seen to work hard or you will be dismissed as a slacker. A colleague recently spilled out her concern to me that she needs to stay in the office late every night not only to do her work but also to keep up with her co-workers, who also stay late every night.

The first and most important thing is to step back and assess your work life in terms of your goals for your whole life. Ask what you want to accomplish in your career and in your personal life, and then ask yourself how it’s going. Remember, it may not be possible for each of us to have much effect on the wider world, but we all can affect how we behave and act in our own world. Identify actions you can take to improve your life, at work and away from it. Following are some points to avoid work a holism.

Avoid perfectionism can keep you away being a workholic. Many of us feel that our work has to be just right, and thus we will continue to work on it and not finish it until it is perfect—which it can never be. (Been there, done that.) If you feel this way, it’s time to renounce your perfectionism. Determine what level of quality and quantity will satisfy both you and your boss in a given task. This will make you more productive and give you more time for other important things, including your personal life.

Eating lunch at their desk. Ah, a sure sign of a workaholic, or someone just overwhelmed with work. It’s so easy to fall into this trap and just as easy to get out of the habit. People who eat at their desks are riding into the false canyon of thinking that they’re getting more done. Nope. They’re just getting tired. (You can have your lunch at your desk once or twice per week, if that makes you happier.)

So now you may think that I’m not in favor of hard work, then you’re wrong. I’m a big believer in ”work hard, play hard.” And also I used to (actullay doing at the moment as well) work 16+ hours continously per day.  But there is a line that’s crossed when one becomes a work­aholic, and it’s not always so clear where that line is. You may need to seek professional help to sort it all out.

Bottom line: it’s up to you to determine what you want in a full, robust life, and to make sure that you fulfill your work obligations while also enjoying every day that’s given you.

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