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There is no fun like sitting on your sofa and with a remote in your hand enjoying the game of cricket or your favorite movie show. Suddenly an urge to eat something arises and you don’t have anything to eat at home. You want to order your favorite pizza or pasta but don’t want to move out. What to do then? Simply login into your computer and place an online order with the online ordering service. Within a few minutes of you placing the order, the outlet owner will deliver the food at your doorstep. Such is the ease with the online services.

Fast Order

Online food Ordering is now in Sri Lanka! We all might say wow. Anyway online food ordering is not that new to Sri Lankan industry. As we all know some of the Food chains have their own website which enables customers to order their food online. But the issue was we didn’t have much variation. If its pizza it was only pizza variations. So how many of us were looking for some solid online solution in order to make our life easier.
Up until last week there was no such online mechanism was in placed. But guys, girls…. Now you can order whatever you want from well reputed restaurants in Sri Lanka. :) . I know this will be such great news for all you people out there. So quickly visit It has collaborations with large number of restaurants chains in Sri Lanka.
It provides your favorite restaurant an Internet presence on our portal(s) to display information regarding your favorite menus, food and ordering capabilities. All you can go to to find your restaurant review the menu, make menu selections, place and pay for orders. Fastorder then automatically send you’r food order via email, fax, or phone call to the relevant restaurants.

I don’t want to write so much about the fast order. Just visit the site and feel the difference. Do not forget to the experience the online ordering feeling.

Happy Ordering….

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Company Outing @ Ranweli Beach Hotel

After planning for weeks, we somehow managed to take our nerdy and busy bees on day out on last Sunday (Sunday 20th December 2009). We all wanted to go to down south but unfortunately all the places has been booked due to the season. So when we were wondering where to go, our CEO suggested on this placed called Ranweli Beach Hotel. Since none of us have ever been to this place prior to this and we haven’t experienced the hospitality and the facilities they have, we all had some second thoughts of the place.


Anyway trip was scheduled and vehicles for the trip have been booked and all set. But all the guys wanted to go by train since this was kind of good opportunity to everyone to fell the train journey. So we all came to the railway station early morning. Unfortunately two guys couldn’t make it on the time and therefore they missed the train fun. We had great fun in the train. But I happened to be near the door (I know its not a good habit though) because none of us know the station which we should get down. So have to look for the station name at each and every stop.
Finally got down from “Waikkal”, luckily it was the correct station too. Anyway then we didn’t know which direction we should take in order to reach to the hotel. So we have been guided by a villager (we named him as Asterix). Even though he gave the correct guidance a board miss lead us and ended up by going about 1 KM in a wrong road.
At the time we got into the hotel all others have arrived. We had short company presentation before start any activity. Then we started boozing. Since it was family outing, people who came with their families went to the pool and rest of us went to the beach. :) .. Played Tap Rugger, had awesome sea bath, TT and there were many more games. Food, dessert and specially the bites were great.
Each individual had the fun in their own way as well like a team and all of us enjoyed the outing to the max. Hope to go again to this particular hotel wince all the facilities and the service they maintained throughout the day was really surprising.

Happy Holiday guys!

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up_ver2Last night I was happened to watch the movie “UP”. I never ever thought that this movie will get close to my life this much. When I was watching the movie I seriously felt that I’m alone and I really missed something / someone in my life. But I did not figure it out yet though.

So the Movie “UP” will definitely prepare your heart for revival of tradition within meaningful layers in the charming fantasy-splashed Pixar movie that will eventually take the viewer to the skies. Movie started with the Childhood love is rooted between a young girl’s (Ellie) dream of going to South America and living atop a mountain and a quieter boy (Carl) who is preoccupied with helium-operated balloons.

This movie concisely shows the two children growing up together, experiencing all the phases of life- from school years, dating, then to their own wedding, and eventually growing old together within a childless marriage. Throughout their lives, they try to save money for the trip to South America, but various needs cause them to have to borrow from the glass bank preventing them from ever fulfilling the aspiration together.

Though much of the basic story seems predictable, the many unlived dreams feather into surprising outcomes when the man loses his beloved wife. Building companies threaten him to vacate the home that was designed and built by the couple in which they lived in for their entire lives together. Rather than take residence in a nursing facility or have the house destroyed, stubborn ingenuity steps in as he uses his talents and wit to remove his home from the lot.

Within the planning, he is interrupted by an annoying boy scout (Russel) who wants to involve him in acquiring a new badge for his vest only to be sent on a wild goose chase to get rid of him. But as it is, when his miraculous plan to lift the home from the ground, the boy is found on the porch and they must make the trip together.

A more surreal experience ensues once they have been lifted from the earth and end up near the area of landing involving hundreds of robotic dogs, a peculiar bird, and the old man’s obsession to retain his property. Harrowing events are found as both are challenged by a mad man who tries to control and kill them.

There are many heart-wrenching moments as he keeps returning to the adventure/ photo album containing his late wife’s illustration of a home upon Paradise Falls, feeling sorry that he couldn’t fulfill Ellie’s life-long wish but through this manic event, he and the little boy adopt a new adventure that puts closure to the old one leaving a bonus surprise at the very end of the movie.

Overall, the messages are excellent, but kids might not really understand what is happening during the entire first part of the movie-you just view it with music and there is no dialogue. What they might notice will be the one silly dog in the movie that you see in the preview, but other than that, I don’t think they will get much more. I would say this movie is for older kids and adults. Your younger ones might not sit through the first part of the movie because they simply won’t get it. Oh, and don’t forget the tissues!!!

“The Boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most….”


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