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If a star is a 1000 light years away, sky we seeing now can be an Illusion of time

I observed that the sky is pretty clear last night after a continuous rain which was there from the morning. From nowhere I suddenly wanted to set up my good old telescope (which I got as a gift from my father about 8 years back) just for fun. So I set it up in my balcony and started to stare at the sky. Well there were few clouds but I can still see the stars.

As I stared at the sky (rather stars) I had this very strange an funny question which has no direct answer, I asked myself, if we are looking at a star 1000 light years away is it possible that the star no longer exists? Is it possible that the billions of stars we are seeing in the night sky may have died long ago? There is pretty good possibility of sky being just an illusion for us.

Most of the stars in the universe are more than 1000 light years away from us. So actually the stars that we see now might not even exist at this time but we can still see it due to fact of the speed of light. Since the light we see from distant stars and galaxies took many years to get here, we have no timely data to know whether those objects still exist. The distances are just too vast. The conventional thinking is that stars can exist for billions of years before they consume all their available fuel and finally blow up or collapse so it’s reasonable to assume that they are still there but we can never really know for sure.

For example, a star called Betelgeuse might have already gone supernova, but we might not see it for the next few hundreds of years. :(

Is this reasonably accurate? If this is accurate night sky is just an illusion for human beings. Too bad.

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Why did I become a project manager? Why do I remain as a project manager?

Today I woke up with a terrible cold and bit of a flue for my American friends. :) Running out to my car 15 minutes earlier than the normal time that I’m leaving usually, just to get some quick medicine on the way, and asking myself, “Why am I doing this?”. Well that answer is quite simple. I have a client who needs my help today and have to submit a draft proposal for a potential project.

Becoming a project manager was an evolution for me; evolution in that I kept falling into scenarios that leave me managing people temporarily from various departments and working to build human workflows between the fortress of IT and the ever changing landscape of the business in various types of clients including fortune 500 companies.

I started my career (right after the first degree) as a business analyst and I found that it’s not my type of job. So I requested from my management to assign me a small scale project. But at that time there was no such position called project manager in the organization. But they gave me a project to start work on and I got a perfect superior (who was my line manager) who has extraordinary skills in organizing. He always ensured to direct me in the correct path. He never made my life easier and due to that I did learn a lot from him.

I continue to be a project manager because it is my chosen profession. I choose to continue. I choose to seek out new clients who need my teams help and support. I choose to get scolded form my loved ones and family members for doing work all the time. I choose to work 12 hours per day even in the holidays. But believe me; I really like this work and start digging further towards the end goal.

I guess the bigger question now is “Why do I remain as a project manager?” You see, project management gives me the variety that my personality type desires in the workplace. No single day is ever the same to me. Very challenging and I find it very interesting too. I know there are plenty of opportunities out there that also give you that same variety, but there are plenty of ones that don’t. I recognize in myself that I am the type of person that would get bored easily in other roles.

Being a project manager also helps me because it is the perfect role to leverage my natural strengths: Organizational skills, people skills, communication skills, ability to deal effectively in ambiguous situations, and it just happens I like having the responsibility and control to make a difference. The challenges that come with Project Management keeps the work interesting, and let’s face it, not everybody can do it. I take pride in my profession, and enjoy the opportunity to continuously learn and lead.

Last but not least I must tell that all the teams and each individual was in the team that I’ve managed so far is simply great and awesome.

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Cricket world cup 2011

Like every Cricket Fan, I am also delighted and thrilled to welcome ICC Cricket World Cup. I did not prepare myself to watch this edition of the World Cup with any hopes of INDIA lifting the coveted trophy. But better team wins.

India, the new cricket world cup champions!!!  Great job.. They became world champions after 28 years (FYI: back in 1983 when they won the world cup for the first time it was 60 Overs match). Sri Lanka has became runner up again (Sri Lanka was the runner up in 2007 as well). As far as I believe both the teams have done their job well towards their country. As a Sri Lankan I would rather say that we Won and lost at the same time.

It was the first time in the history where two Asian teams came to the final and also it was the first time that a team won the world championship in their motherland.

To play in the world cup for their team is the dream of every cricketer and to fulfill that dream they prepare throughout the 4 years period. People of every cricket loving nation crazily follow the tournament and support their team as some wins, some lose but the fever continues till the last ball is bowled.

Let’s have quick turn back at the whole tournament.  There were lots of astonishments during the tournament including Australia (won the world cup three times 1999, 2003 and 2007 in a row) had to go back home after the quarter final match. Also Englad had to face much unexpected defeat from Ireland (A team which not accepted to play Test matches) and from Sri Lanka. I can highlight that the South Africa not even getting close to the 222 they needed to beat New Zealand in the quarter-final and losing by 49 runs as the worst run chase.

There have been far too few interesting matches, the majority of the 49 ending in predictably huge margins, and far too much travelling for all concerned, in far too long a period. The ICC president Sharad Pawar may say this World Cup has been a triumph, and it has been less sterile than the last one in the West Indies, but what I think is it has again failed to give the sport’s finest talent the right stage often enough.

Anyway I love cricket and undoubtedly World Cup is the greatest show on earth for avid cricket fans. Wishing all the very best and good luck to Sri Lankan team to bring the cup back to SL in 2015….

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