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What is wrong with SL cricket? Who should take the blame?

For the third time, PakSLPAKistan won four matches in an ODI series of five matches against Sri Lanka. The previous such victory came in the ODI series in Sri Lanka in 1994 (Source: espncricinfo)

Another very painful series is ended. I know that it was a hard period for both fans and players. The thing that I can’t understand is why nothing has changed after England or Australia tournaments?

As most of us, even I could see from the faces of the players something’s drastically wrong. The captain lacked application. Experience means nothing if this kind of display continues. SL team should practice harder and get their mental strength: that will be the only way to win. Currently our team is lacking both of them when compared with other international squads.

Let’s take a step back see what are the major changes done after the World cup 2011.

  1. We have change our selection team
  2. Selected Marvan to our batting coach role
  3. Made Dilshan as the captain

Have all of these worked for us? My answer is NO. I think all these changes made the situation even worse.Cricket

I can’t understand why everything goes wrong with SL cricket? Few years ago I felt that SL team was da luckiest team in the world. But today I feel that I’m wrong. Other teams use young players and they success every time. But we? Better to play a new young team and get them experienced to match situations. What are we waiting for? To be all out 50?

So many excuses from Dilshan fingering to junior players without talking about his poor batting, and captaincy, I’m looking forward to see Dilshan on Friday night (T20), Our team mates must win T20 match and keep the ranking in 2nd position.

With the current form of SL cricketers, simply SL deserves the bottom most position in both the Test and the ODI Ranking Tables in the world. It seems they are going to get there sooner!!

Come on guys, as a real cricket lover in Sri Lanka I hope our team will come back their natural form from upcoming SA tournament. I am banking on Sanga stepping up big time in the upcoming series and carrying the side like he did v Pak.

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Practical Project Management – Tip Number #1 (NAAA)

Okay, after quite some time I want to share some of my experience in project management. I have seen many sites and books which talk about project management and how to become a successful project manager, etc. But what I want to do here is to more focus on practical project management.

So, going forward,  I will be writing short blog posts with my day to day experiences. Hope it will help for all fresh PMs out there.


So what is this rule number 1 (NAAA)?

Never Assume Always Ask

It is common mistakes to ‘assume’ you know what the other party thinks. You don’t! Stop looking for evidence you were right from the beginning. Listen to their story and hear what they are really saying. Repeat what you have understood to make sure you got the message.

VERY Important: Ask each stakeholder which other persons or parties they think should be contacted. This way, you will minimize the possibility of forgetting a target group.

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How I became a PMP® and way to get through the exam

I am happy to announce that on last June 2011 I obtained the Project Management Professional (PMP) credentials which I was waited most and valued most. So here I am as PMP. :D

So I thought of write something after quite some time (better late than never) on Why I chose to become a PMP What I did to prepare for the exam and how long it took me What sections of the exam I felt were especially difficult What I would do differently if I were to take the exam over again And finally, how I believe being a PMP will help me at my current job.

So, why I chose to become a PMP? Honestly, the very first insight towards the PMP has given by one of my good friend. After that I found it quite interesting and becoming a PMP is enabling us to advance our career.

Well I approached my PMP test from a bizarre angle, but it worked as I passed it in a Proficient level. I took my 40 hours of professional learning from “PMS – Kirulapona, Sri Lanka”. Well it was a great help as I’m not a person who is good at remembering books (Trust me remembering book will not help you to get the exam questions right). I only studied PMBOK (skimmed through the book) and PMP Exam Prep (Rita Mulcahy) in detail level. I specifically never looked at any other books. After finish studying the books I did 4 mock exams (where exam questions were offered online were extremely helpful as well) in PMstudy. So I can tell you that you have to do following three steps as must dos before the exam.

1. Read the PMBOK at least once (Skim through the book if you participated to the classes actively)

2. Read PMP Exam Prep by Rita Mulcahy

3. 4 mock exams (time it, don’t look at the answers or refer books while doing it, juts note down questions that you think difficult or cannot attend)

Hope this helps to all the people out there who is willing to become PMP certified. Good Luck

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