Okay, after quite some time I want to share some of my experience in project management. I have seen many sites and books which talk about project management and how to become a successful project manager, etc. But what I want to do here is to more focus on practical project management.

So, going forward,  I will be writing short blog posts with my day to day experiences. Hope it will help for all fresh PMs out there.


So what is this rule number 1 (NAAA)?

Never Assume Always Ask

It is common mistakes to ‘assume’ you know what the other party thinks. You don’t! Stop looking for evidence you were right from the beginning. Listen to their story and hear what they are really saying. Repeat what you have understood to make sure you got the message.

VERY Important: Ask each stakeholder which other persons or parties they think should be contacted. This way, you will minimize the possibility of forgetting a target group.

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