Buck_The_CharacterIce Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs is an action-adventure movie. It’s a humorous, kid-friendly romp through the pre-historic period, featuring plenty of colorful characters in a wide range of  styles including action, plat forming and racing.

A new Ice Age star is born: Introducing Buck, top weasel for both adults and the kids, alike. Talent flavor of the day/month/year, new L.A. resident Simon Pegg is – as ever – hilarious voicing the part, sounding like an animated ‘Jack Sparrow’ weasel (complete with pirate eyepatch) who leads the loveable herd to safety from the dinosaurs.
A new character named Buck, a weasel, joins the group of heroes made up of Manny, Ellie, Scrat, Diego, and the rest. In this story Ellie is expecting Manny’s and her first child, Diego feels the need for adventure and Sid the Sloth feels like a third wheel. When he finds some baby dinosaurs he decides to “mother them” and does a pretty good job, until the real mother shows up! Having mentioned that, I thought of writing a simple review on the buck’s character. Buck is the one-eyed weasel who hunts dinosaurs intently.

Buck is a larger than life, swashbuckling one-eyed weasel who helps Manny and the group to navigate the Lost World.  Buck used to live above ground but accidentally fell into the mysterious world beneath the Ice Age where he had a terrifying encounter with an albino Baryonyx dinosaur named Rudy.  In the fight, Buck lost an eye but took Rudy’s  (Oh I have to mention about the Rudy as well. Otherwise this review won’t be completed. So Rudy is terrifying albino Baryonyx dinosaur is the ultimate threat for all ice age characters as they navigate this mysterious world below.  Years ago, Rudy had a huge fight with Buck, the weasel, in which Rudy took Buck’s eye, and Buck took Rudy’s tooth.  Now neither will stop the pursuit until the battle is complete.) tooth, which he now carries with him.

Since that moment, like “Moby Dick’s” Captain Ahab, Buck has lived on his own and has devoted his life to seeking his revenge on Rudy.  Quite a hero, but slightly crazy, Buck insists that in order to survive Manny and the group must ‘always listen to Buck.’  But his instructions often sound strange, making it hard for Manny to relinquish control and put his trust in the wacky weasel. Buck the Weasel is one great characters among the other characters in the movie who carry the film.

P.S. You have to remember, this is a movie written primarily for children (and those who have mentally never grown up like myself ;) ) and while you rate it as average, children will love this film.

Popularity: 17% [?]